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Kinky Whips and Floggers

Get lashings of fun and enjoyment with one of these wicked play whip floggers that will not only thrill you, but tantalize your lucky partner too.

Tease each other, please each other, delight each other, both of you are going to love the sheer torment and pain it will inflict. But a warning - be careful.  In certain cruel and evil hands the sheer pleasure it will unleash may bring tears to the eyes of the recipient.

flogger photo
Photo by Kelly Sue

If you’ve never played with one, you simply must and once you've experienced it at first hand, one of these can become quite addictive.

With an extensive stock of loving, pleasuring whips and floggers, ranging from those which are ideal for the novice, whips and floggers that will do little more than caress and tickle the afflicted area, but could, if aimed cruelly on more prone parts, prove more extreme in their use.

This type of whip, often referred to as a beginner, makes an ideal choice for those who wish to take their first step on the ladder, to turn their wicked fantasies into impish reality, albeit on a small scale.

Then there are the more extreme heavier duty models of whips and floggers which are aimed at being more purposeful, to do what whips and floggers are designed for - to dish out pain and suffering by the bucket load. Typically these are made from harder more unforgiving materials, leather being popular, but amongst other favoured materials, for the hardened enthusiast, small pieces of metal can find their way into the fun.

For the more hard core amongst you, there's the Cat o' Nine tails which offers a good master all the cruelty he can muster and nearly all the abuse a naughty slave can take.

When not abusing, any whip can be innocently left somewhere in the room of play, ready to hand for the next time you wish to engage. You don't even have to use it, just the threat of it can be quite intoxicating.

Whatever your choice, here at we are confident that you’ll find just the right whip or flogger that will fit the bill and thrill you and  your partner too, hopefully.

If you can't quite decide, why not thrash it out between yourselves? We're sure you'll come up with the right choice and then go ahead and order one. But, hey, only if you dare.